Stations / Equipment & Response Times

Richmond/Lenox EMS operates out of 3 stations (2 in Richmond Township and 1 in Lenox Township) with 5 Advanced Life Support Units.
Station 1 (our headquarters) is located on 32 Mile Road in Richmond Township, Station  2 (1999) is located in the Richmond Township Offices on School Section Rd in Richmond Township, Station  3 (2003) is located next to the Lenox Township Fire Station  1 and the Lenox Township Department of Public Works Building in Lenox Township.
Each station is equipped with full living quarters for personnel and exercise equipment. The EMS also has a special operations trailer equipped for mass casualty incidents including an all terrain vehicle for rescue situations.

Response Times
The EMS response times are 6.75 minutes and the quality of care our staff provides exceeds industry standards.