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Lenox Township Park Rental

  1. Pavilion Fee: $125.00 Resident / $150 Non-Resident (Includes refundable Security Deposit: $100.00).
  2. Baseball and Soccer Fields: $200.00 per team/age group plus $100.00 deposit per team/age group for cleanup. If the premises are in the same condition as they were at the beginning of your event the $100.00 deposit will be refunded per team/age group.
  3. Please specify what you would like to reserve:
  4. This permit does not authorize the use and consumption of alcohol in the park; a separate permit is required.
  5. The person requesting this permit and signing below will be held responsible for the actions of their guests and is solely responsible for cleaning up and putting the premises in the same condition as they were at the beginning of the time of use. There will be NO parking or driving on the grass or pathways. If you have heavy items, there are carts by the brick building near the tennis courts that may be used to carry them. Costs for cleanup shall be deducted from the deposit paid for the use of the park facility. The applicant shall assume all liabilities for damages, which may occur in, or about the reserved facilities while said persons, group or organization are using park facilities. When damage to property or injury to persons is the result of either the acts or neglects of the user's agents, servants and employees.
  6. Park Rules - Part 73: Ordinance 1 Section 1: Regulations Pertaining to Lenox Township Parks.
    A. No person shall kindle or build a fire in any public park or playground except in such receptacles as are provided for such public use, or in private receptacles or grills, provided they are placed in areas designated for such purposes. B. No person or group shall bring alcoholic beverages into any park nor shall person or group drink alcoholic beverages at any time in any park unless they have first obtained written permission from the Designated Township Official stating that he or she may do so on a specific date. There shall not be more than one permit issued per day per park. No permit shall be issued for consumption of alcoholic beverages having alcohol content higher than that of beer or wine. The Designated Township Official may revoke this permission. C. No glass containers of any type shall be brought onto park premises. D. No motorcycles, snowmobiles, motor scooters, motor bicycles, motor carts, mini-bikes, "go-carts", "dune buggies", off-road or all-terrain vehicles shall be permitted in any public park or playground. All persons shall comply with all provisions of the uniform traffic code as well as all township ordinance provisions relative to operation of motor vehicles. No person shall drive or park motor vehicle in park areas other than those indentified as roads or parking areas with exception to areas, which may be temporarily, identified as parking areas for special occasions or events. This section shall not apply to maintenance personnel or authorized township vehicles. E.In park areas where pets are permitted, such pets shall, at all times, be kept under reasonable control and be on a leash. Pets are to be kept exclusively on the pathways. Any waste, such as feces, that is generated by any pet must be removed and disposed of by their owner or the person assigned responsibility for such pet. Non-compliance of this Ordinance shall consist of a misdemeanor with a maximum $100.00 fine. F. No person shall dump, deposit or leave any ashes, boxes, containers, rubbish, waste, garbage or other trash of any sort in any public park, except in proper receptacles where they are provided. Where receptacles are not provided, all rubbish or waste shall be removed from the park by those responsible for its presence to an appropriate location outside of the park. G. No person shall drive or putt a golf ball or otherwise practice the game of golf in a public park or playground. H. No person shall play paintball in a public park or playground.
  7. This request is NOT confirmed until you receive a confirmation number from a Township Official or Authorized Representative
  8. Payment must be received at time of reservation. The security deposit is refundable only if the premises are in the same condition as they were at the beginning of your event. A copy of this application will be submitted to our Sheriff's Department and Department of Public Works. LENOX TOWNSHIP HAS THE RIGHT TO CHANGE, CANCEL, OR ALTER ALL EVENTS
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