Requesting replacements or special pick-ups

Guidelines for replacement or special pick-ups:

New Residents:

  • New residents receive a Trash Totter and a Recycle Totter
  • Please send an email to: that includes the following information:  Full Name, Full Address, Email Contact, Cell Number.

Residents with Damaged Totters:

  • Plese send an email request to that includes the following information: Problem with Container (please identify which container) along with a description of the problem. Your e-mail should also include: Full Name, Full Address, Email contact and cell phone number.

Requesting a large item pick-up:  (beds, couches, refrigeration units, freezers, etc.)

Residents must contact Waste Management directly to schedule at 1-800-796-9696.

Residents are able to go Directly to the Pine Tree Acres site, but must visit the Township Offices to receive an approved card to use the site.  Requirments and Restrictions may change from time to time, so please check with our administrative assistant at the main reception desk if you have questions.