Recycling Guidelines

Plastic bags are a contaminant at the Material Recovery Facility and cause equipment damage and lost productivity, adding to the cost to recycle.

18 gallon bin or container up to 64 gallon size clearly marked "RECYCLING". Recycling stickers may be picked up at Lenox Township.

Maximum 50 lbs. as regulated by OSHA.
Proper preparation of Recyclables:
* Cardboard - broken down and flattened, no staples or plastic bands, NO pizza boxes soiled with food
* Glass - clear and colored - empty
* Plastic Containers - empty - Only #'s 1, 2, 4, 5, & 7 (NO 3 or 6 at this time)
* Metals (aluminum and steel cans) - empty - labels are o.k.
* Cartons - empty